Disabled Facebook Login iOS throws com.facebook.sdk.core Code=8

Our App was disabled a week ago due to violation on 6.1 and we tried to fix the issue I have tried reimplementing the login following the instructions on the Facebook login setup guide. Also tried updating from 9.0.1 to the latest version 12.1.0

I can confirm that the info.plist is correct, the permissions are correct, bundle id is correct, and we only use test accounts.

However this error still throws, I could not find any references to fix this. Could anyone help?

Don't know if this helps but the android app using version 5.4.0 build is working fine

Error Domain=com.facebook.sdk.core Code=8 "(null)" UserInfo={NSRecoveryAttempter=<_FBSDKTemporaryErrorRecoveryAttempter: 0x1630097f0>, NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=The server is temporarily busy, please try again., com.facebook.sdk:FBSDKErrorDeveloperMessageKey=Unsupported request, com.facebook.sdk:FBSDKGraphRequestErrorHTTPStatusCodeKey=400, com.facebook.sdk:FBSDKGraphRequestErrorGraphErrorCodeKey=1, NSLocalizedRecoveryOptions=(
), com.facebook.sdk:FBSDKGraphRequestErrorParsedJSONResponseKey={
    body =     {
        error =         {
            code = 1;
            "fbtrace_id" = ANc5PSXRGPTACuYqqxYTDda;
            message = "Unsupported request";
            type = OAuthException;
    code = 400;
}, com.facebook.sdk:FBSDKGraphRequestErrorKey=1}
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