Configure Apache HTTP Proxy to Resign requests to support OAuth1.0

We are using Apache HTTP server (2 in the picture) as reverse proxy which exposes our internal services to public network (3). We have issue with one of the internal services (1) when it passes through proxy, as it only supports OAuth1.0 currently (OAuth2.0 is not supported by this service).

  1. Internal Service which is ultimately providing the services
  2. Apache HTTP server configured as reverse proxy to publish the internal services to public network.
  3. A client in the public network trying to use services published

The documentation of the Internal service API (1): "If you are using a proxy server, every request will need to be resigned when it passes through the proxy server. Some proxy servers do not resign requests in this way, so do not support OAuth 1.0. In this case you will need to use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate your calls. OAuth 2.0 requests are verified using tokens, not signatures like in OAuth 1.0. You can use OAuth 2.0 if you are using a proxy server."

My question is "Does Apache HTTP proxy supports request re-signing, so that it generates a new signature before redirecting the request to internal service?"

enter image description here

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